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Some of my work done as a Front End Web Developer, with an emphasis on responsive web design, layout and execution.

This site was developed during Cleveland GiveCamp, a weekend long experience where local non-profit organizations and designers/developers work to create/modify a web site/application. In this 3 day sprint, Designers & Developers donate their time & services to help further push the cause these selected non profit organizations represent. I took part of the group that developed this site, assisting with project management, layout, color scheme and Wordpress integration per the organizations request.

As a Front End Developer at Hotcards, I was tasked to make the site responsive. While most of the desktop features remain the same as the previous site, the responsive version is ready to accomedate users on Tablet & Mobile alike. By embracing a simplier site codebase stack, the site is set to load faster as well as provide easier navigation for future updates/revisions.


An interaction using CSS3 and image sprites to optimize for desktop, tablet and mobile use. Try and flip all the squares to reveal the other picture!
It's harder on desktops because... =

AZIZA Work Group is a Public Relations firm based in Los Angeles, and in need of a way to promote the brand and showcase talent, events and company information.